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Here’s a Free Printable Coloring Page!

25 Mar

Here’s a free animal coloring page of Hoot the Owl! Do you know what a baby owl is called? A fledgling! So, Hoot is a fledgling!

Here’s the free coloring page in a printable PDF file: Free Animal Coloring Pages: Hoot the Owl PDF

Candy Coloring Pages Animal Coloring Pages Hoot the Owl

Just Click on the image above and it will automatically open the coloring page! You can Print 2 ways: 1) File> Print or 2) Right Click your mouse on the coloring page and select "Print Image".

Hoot will be featured in a story that will be all coloring pages of animals! You can color in the story and then read it at bedtime! 🙂

You can expect to see more animal coloring pages as Penny Candy loves animals!