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Free Princess Coloring Pages

7 May

Here’s a princess coloring page of a princess with jewelry. Girls will love her big eyes and have fun coloring her outfit and hair.

Remember, coloring pages are fun for kids and can mean you have more time for yourself! Plus, coloring pages and coloring books help kids develop hand-eye-coordination! Teachers and homeschoolers are welcome to use this cartoon and princess coloring page. I’d love to hear what you think of them! Also, you can always request a coloring page on our Twitter @CandyColoring

Penny Candy Educational Sites for Kids is also on Scribd! Check out our Scribd page where you can find more math worksheets and coloring pages for kids: Candy Coloring Pages on Scribd

Here is the princess coloring page in an easily printable PDF: Free Princess Coloring Pages PDF

Penny Candy Coloring Pages for Kids

Just Click on the image above and it will automatically open the coloring page in a new window! You can Print 2 ways: 1) File> Print or 2) Right Click your mouse on the coloring page and select "Print Image".